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Lab Services Specialist

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Lab testing can play a significant role in your overall health and wellness, and having access to a well-staffed lab is important. That’s why lab services are part of the offerings available from Stephanie Guignard, CPNP, and the team at Mom's Choice Mobile Healthcare in McKinney, Texas. When you or your loved ones need the in-depth information that lab testing provides, call to book an in-home visit, or use the online scheduling page to find a convenient time.

Lab Services Q & A

What is lab testing?

Laboratory tests are medical tools that examine samples of blood, urine, or various types of tissues to learn more about how your body is functioning. They play a critical role in many aspects of your health care. 

Lab tests are a great way to assess your overall health, and they’re often used as part of routine physicals and wellness exams. Your practitioner can learn more about your hormone levels, blood glucose, cholesterol, and much more through lab testing. 

There are also tests that can play an essential role in diagnosing various types of disease. Many give insight about your heart health and metabolic function, for example. The results of these tests can help your practitioner decide what additional screenings you might need before reaching a diagnosis. 

Lab testing is also a great way to track treatment progress. It’s used to evaluate progress in cancer care as well as many types of chronic disease management. The results allow your health care team to adjust medications and therapies as needed. 

What types of lab testing are available?

Mom's Choice Mobile Healthcare offers many different types of lab tests. Some of the available options include:

  • Rapid strep 
  • Flu 
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Respiratory syncytial virus
  • COVID-19 virus

This is far from a comprehensive list. Lab testing using blood samples can provide a wide range of results to track how well your body is functioning. 

How do I know which lab tests I need?

Your practitioner advises you on any necessary lab testing. Tests are often part of routine physicals and wellness exams. You might also be asked to go through lab testing if you begin a new job. 

If you’d like to have bloodwork done simply to track your own health, just let your practitioner know when you book your next visit. The results are added to your permanent medical record and serve to track your health over time. 

This is a popular option among people who are starting a vitamin supplementation plan or those who are embracing a healthier diet and want to see the results at a molecular level.  

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